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Dues payment schedule

  • 1st quarter to be paid by January 1st
  • 2nd quarter to be paid by April 1st
  • 3rd quarter to be paid by July 1st
  • 4th quarter to be paid by October 1st

You have until the end of the given month to pay your dues.  As of January 1, 2021, dues are $128.00 per quarter; $512.00 per year.

You can pay your dues by e-transfer to bk.iatse828@gmail.com or send cheques to:

Gail Misuraca

152 Gage Street South

Hamilton, Ontario L8M 3E1

Cash will not be accepted under any circumstances.

A $15.00 late fee will be charged if payment is not received by the end of the month dues are owed. 

Working dues for members will be 2% and will be capped at $500 per year.

Honourable Withdrawal

To be considered an Honourable Withdrawal from the Union you must be up to date with all payments owing (dues, H&W etc…). Also, a formal request must be made in writing to the Corresponding Financial Secretary. You will not be allowed to work in the Union’s contract shops.

Dishonourable Withdrawal

If you are expelled from the Union for any reason (non-payment of dues or other debts owing, failure to abide by Union rules and regulations, disreputable behaviour) you will be considered a Dishonourable Withdrawal. Members who have been Dishonourably Withdrawn will not be allowed to work in any of the Unions contract shops and said shop owners will be notified. If you have been Dishonourably withdrawn for non- payment of dues you can change your status to Honourable Withdrawal by repayment of all monies owed to the Local.

Falling in Arrears/Bad Standing

It is never a good idea to fall behind in your dues payments so please try to keep up to date. Once you fall behind it is referred to as bad standing.

  • If you fail to pay one quarter’s dues you will get a friendly reminder to pay.
  • If you fall behind two quarter’s, you will not be able to work in any shop.
  • If you fall behind three quarters, you will be expelled from the local.

Hardship Dues

If you experience hardship of any kind you can talk to us in confidence and we will work out a payment plan that will make things easier for you. Please be assured we will be extremely discreet and respectful of your situation and do what we can to help.

If for some reason you will not be working for a while, maybe because of an illness or pregnancy/parental leave, we can reduce your dues payments to the cost of the stamp plus $5,  in 2021 that is $63 a quarter. You can claim this for up to one year so long as you are unable to work.