Health Plan

Local 828 is proud to be part of the IATSE Canadian National Health & Welfare Plan. We work hard to negotiate contributions to our Health and Welfare Fund from our employers. These contributions directly fund health benefits for our members.

We have group benefits through Great West Life Assurance Company. Ours is a tiered plan so that more members may take advantage of the benefit. All members are automatically provided with Tier A of our plan. Tier A includes Life Insurance, Critical Illness (CI), Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D), and Employee and Family Assistance Plan (EFAP). Tiers B and C provide coverage for many other services at different levels. Every year at enrollment time every member that has accrued enough contributions to qualify will automatically be enrolled in the highest tier they qualify for, unless they opt out. In addition, all members regardless of contribution amounts, are given the opportunity to enrol for, or increase their benefits by topping up – adding their own money to the accrued contributions.

In addition to the above group plan benefits, we offer a Health Care Spending Account (HCSA). This benefit is essentially a pot of money that members can draw from for any health related expense. This benefit is for members who earn a set amount of contributions, but do not qualify for, top up to, or opt out of, a traditional plan. The amount in the HCSA and the number of members who receive access to it changes each year, and is based on surplus in the Health Care Fund.

The following documents are provided for your information and convenience. You may view or download the documents as you please:

All inquiries about any of our Health & Welfare benefits or the Health Welfare Trust, please contact Eva Kuo, Vice President and Health Plan Trustee –
(416) 438-3388 ext 4

Important note about our Health and Welfare Trust: Contributions to the trust come from our employers.  There is never a Health & Welfare deduction from your pay. Employers’ contributions are based on a percentage of payroll which is different for each employer and is determined through negotiations.  Contributions accrue in your name based on your earnings. To clarify, all money in the Health and Welfare Trust belongs to the Trust.  No individual has any claim on money in the trust other than to access benefits through the Health Plan.