Internships, Co-ops, and other Training with Local 828

Local 828 is committed to training the the next generation of scenic artists and props builders. Internships are offered occasionally at the Shaw Festival and the Stratford Festival in scenic art, and at the Grand Theatre in both scenic art and props. Many of our shops offer other training opportunities such at co-op placements or apprenticeships. Local 828 cooperates fully with employers wishing to offer these opportunities.

Training programs are administered by the employer – not by the Local, and each one will have different expectations, guidelines, and requirements. Generally, however, it is a good idea for interns, co-ops, trainees, etc. to keep a daily log book with pictures and notes. It is also a good idea to record regularly the number of hours worked and to get the Department Head to write comments and sign off on the hours.

When you are training in a contract shop, you will be fully covered by the terms and conditions of the collective agreement, just as any member or permit worker would be. If your position is a paid position, you will have a small permit fee deducted from your pay. 4% of your wages will be remitted to the union on a monthly basis. It is important to note, however, that completion of a training position of any kind in one of our contract shops does not guarantee membership in the local.

Training programs, as important as they are, do not reflect the staffing needs of the industry. The hours you work in a training position may not count toward your permit hours. Hours you accrue as a permit, outside of any training position, are tracked by the local so that we can monitor our industry’s need for workers and our ability to fill that need. The idea being that our local grows in proportion the industry’s demands.

You do not need a work permit to work in a training position. If you already have a work permit and have started accruing permit hours, that’s fine. Those hours you’ve already accrued will still count. You just won’t accrue any additional hours during the training program.

The permit procedure and guidelines are available here.