Work with us as a non-member

At Local 828, we like to think of non-members who work along side us as future members rather than “permits”. If you are interested in becoming a future member with Local 828, it’s as simple as filling out a form.

Don’t be discouraged if you feel that you do not have a great deal of experience. Local 828 has entry level positions which will allow future members with less training to have the opportunity to learn the basics of our crafts.  If you do have extensive training or experience, the procedure is the same to begin working with us as a future member, but the membership application procedure is slightly different.

Once you have submitted your on-line forms your status as a permit, or “future member”, with our local is automatic.
Your completed Self-assessment Form will allow us to place you appropriately for work, if and when work is available. Local 828 is based on a structure similar to that of an arts guild rather than the traditional seniority-based system, and our structure has a number of skill levels into which members and future members can fit. The Membership Committee will help identify a person’s skills and place them at the appropriate level.

Please note:  Once you are on the future member list, you must put yourself on the availability list in order to be called for any work that may come up. You may use this call-in procedure or you may submit your availability on line here.

Additionally, required tool lists are provided here so you’ll know what to bring with you to work.

Please note that submitting a self-assessment form does not constitute application for membership to the local.

Self-assessment forms are here:

Scenic Art Self-assessment Form
Props Self-assessment Form

As a permit with I.A.T.S.E local 828, union dues will be deducted from your pay in the amount of 2% of your pay.