When you are available for work, please use this form to notify the Call Steward of your availability.  Phoning, texting, or emailing the Call Steward will not constitute notification of your availability.

The Call Steward is under no obligation to call you for work if you have not submitted your availability.  When you update your availability, you will be placed on the availability list according to the time and date of your submission. Members will be called ahead of non-members.

Availability must be submitted either for the current week OR for the week immediately following the current week.  There is an option to provide details about any conflicts you may have for the week in question.

You may submit your availability any time from Monday through Sunday for the current week or for the following week.  Available people will be called for jobs in the order in which their forms are submitted, so it will be best to submit your availability as early in the week as you can.

Availability will expire after one week.  Forms older than one week will be deleted.

Feel free to indicate in the space available any restrictions you have that may prevent you from working in certain shops, i.e. if you are not interested in working in certain cities because the distance from where you live, or if there is a type of work that you are particularly interested in (or not).

Contact Information


Membership Status

  • If you are not a member make sure you have submitted a self-assesment form before you add your name to the availability list.

Details of Availability