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TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES:  We are sorry for the inconvenience.  The forms on this website are not working properly.  We are attempting to fix the problem. All of the information on this page is still correct, and the pdf downloads are still working and available.

To submit your application documents, please send them via email to our Business Agent at

All applicants to the IATSE must submit the general IATSE application form (download the form here) along with processing fees for both the International Office and the Local office.  In addition to the processing fees you must pay your 1st quarter’s dues.  The full amount owing when you apply is $328. If, for any reason, you are found unsuitable for membership, you will be refunded in full.
The breakdown of the fees is as follows:
$100 – International Processing Fee
$100 – Local Processing Fee
$128 – 1st quarter dues

This form, and the fees, should be mailed to:
Correspondence Secretary,IATSE Local 828
PO Box 80059
510 Concession St
Hamilton, ON
L9A 1C0

Please note:  your application will not be processed until the IATSE general form and the fees have been received.

The rest of the application procedure is outlined below and will be completed on line through this web site.

When applying for membership into Local 828 you either apply using the Basic Procedure, or you apply under the Extensive Experience Rule.  In either case, your application will be reviewed by the Membership Committee.  You may have to undergo a portfolio review.

If the Membership Committee recommends you for membership based on your completed application,  your name will be submitted to the general membership for a vote.  A vote of 50% plus one, in favour, is necessary for you to be accepted into the local.  Applicants’ names are presented for voting at meetings in January, April, and October each year.

All Future Members must submit self-assessment forms.  In most cases the future member in question will have submitted one in order to get on our call list.  If, however, you are applying under the extensive experience rule, you might not have submitted a form and must submit one as part of your application.  These forms may be submitted on line.

Scenic Art Form
Props Form

Basic Procedure

 Please see our instructions for becoming a permit here.

A current resume is required.

The applicant must work a minimum of 600 documented hours in a contracted Local 828 shop.  Currently there are thirteen contract shops within Local 828’s jurisdiction:

  • The Canadian Opera Company Scenic Art Shop
  • The Canadian Opera Company Prop Shop
  • Drayton Entertainment Scenic Art Shop
  • Great Lakes Scenic Studios
  • The Grand Theatre
  • Hamilton Scenic Specialty
  • The National Ballet of Canada
  • Paragon Innovation Group
  • The Shaw Festival Scenic Art Shop
  • Soulpepper Theatre Co.
  • The Stratford Festival Scenic Art Shop
  • Theatre Aquarius
  • The Young People’s Theatre Scenic Art Shop

The applicant must meet the required number of hours in at least four of the specified Scenic Art categories or three of the specified Props categories, one of which must be the shop etiquette category.  Categories and hourly requirements for both Scenic Art and Props are listed at the bottom of this page.

The applicant must keep detailed records of hours spent in each category and have the Head and/or Assistant Head sign off on those hours upon successful completion.  This process may occur over the course of several months depending on available work.  It is in the applicant’s best interest to have the Head and/or the Assistant Head sign off on accumulated hours on a daily or weekly basis. You may download and print the category requirements here.

The Head or Assistant Head may, at their discretion, sign off of on only part of the number of hours you have worked with them. If a significant number of hours are spent in training or under close supervision, or if work must be redone, the Head may choose not to count those hours. Also the Head or Assistant Head may wish to include comments.  They are entitled to do so.

New members seeking recognition of intermediate or advanced skill levels may request a review and/or a trade test one year after being accepted into membership.  Be advised that the trade test may take considerable time to schedule.


Future Members With Extensive Experience

Extensive experience consists of five or more years of experience in theatre, ballet, opera, film, television.  Members with extensive experience are not required to meet the criteria listed above, however we do require a letter of intent addressed to the membership committee, a current resume, plus a minimum of 2 reference letters from members in good standing.  In addition, the applicant may be subject to a portfolio review by the Membership Committee and/or volunteers from the general membership.

Please Note:

If you are qualified to apply for membership (either through the basic procedure or through extensive experience) and you have been on the permit list for three years, you are then required to apply for membership at that time.  We are not allowed to keep you on the permit list indefinitely.

Ontario Health & Safety Awareness and W.H.M.I.S. training are required for all Local 828 members and permits. Please see Training Page for details.

Financial Obligations of a Member

Local 828 union dues are $128.00 per quarter and total $512.00 per year.  In addition, there is a 2% deduction from weekly pay while working in a contract shop to a maximum of $500.00 per year.

For additional information, contact Denise Lisson of the Membership Committee at


1)  Prep Work:  Filling, plastering, taping, seams, skim coats, sanding, sealing, cleaning, basing, masking, etc.
                                             Total: 40 hours

2) Soft Goods Prep:  Measuring, squaring, stapling, fire retardant, basing with broom brushes, gridding (string grid when necessary), netting, etc.
                                             Total: 24 hours

3)  Texture:  Stone, brick, rock, stucco, barn board, bark, concrete, aged plaster, etc.
Minimum 2 of these techniques
                                             Total: 40 hours

4)  Faux Finishes:  Marble, terrazzo, malachite, mahogany, oak, walnut, ragging, aging, rust, mould, etc.
                                              Minimum 2 of these techniques
                                              Total: 40 hours

5)  Colour Mixing:  Scenic paint, latex, oil, alkyd, glazes, powders, wax, dyes, etc.
                                              Total: 24 hours

6)  Drawing and Lay-out:  Scaling, transferring measurements, lettering, figurative, architectural, landscape, vanishing point,stenciling, pounces, etc.
                                              Total: 24 hours

7)  Air Equipment: Use and proper maintenance of pressure pot, airless, cup gun, air brush, etc.
                                              Total: 40 hours

8)  Shop Etiquette:  Ability to work with others (i.e. co-workers, shop heads, designers, etc.), shop hygiene, punctuality,positive attitude, demonstrating initiative.    This category is mandatory.
                                              Total: 20 hours

Props Categories

1)  Moulding and Casting: Mould construction and prep of model, use and understanding of mould making materials and techniques, mould maintenance, mould prep, fibreglass casting, rubber, plaster, carbon fibre, vacuum bagging, body casting.
                                                              Minimum 5 of these techniques
                                                              Total: 80 hours

2)  Sculpting and Carving: Additive and subtractive, architectural detail and figurative, clay, wax, plasticine, sports foam, foam rubber, urethane foam, styrofoam, large and small scale works, design interpretation.
                                                              Total: 80 hours

3)  General Assembly, Drawing, Reading and scaling drawings and model pieces, use of scale ruler, prop
      Layout, Material Knowledge: finishing and repair, cheesecloth application, bondo, fibreglass, adhesives application and knowledge.
                                                               Minimum 5 of these techniques
                                                               Total: 80 hours

4)  Painting and Faux Finishes: Prep work, colour mixing and matching, faux finishes, texturing, air equipment, cup guns, airbrush use and maintenance.
                                                               Total: 40 hours

5)  Soft Goods and Upholstery: Pattern making, hand stitching, industrial and domestic sewing machine operation and maintenance, general construction, fasteners and closures, fabric dying, draping and swagging, foam covering, webbing, spring tying, piping, button tufting, slip covers.
                                                               Minimum 5 techniques
                                                               Total: 80 hours

6)  Wood and Metal Working: Wood tool understanding and maintenance, framing, cabinetry, armature building, joinery,  metal tools understanding and maintenance, wire and metal shaping, cutting and finishing, TIG welding, MIG welding, brazing, soldering, hardware.  Electrical understanding: batteries, wiring.  Mechanical understanding: electric or manual.
                                                               Minimum 5 of these techniques
                                                               Total: 80 hours

7)  Prop Buyers: Knowledge of the Southern Ontario region, able to identify different eras and centuries of home furnishings and the decorative arts, product knowledge, library research skills, sourcing by telephone and the internet, budget awareness, able to balance petty cash including separating GST, telephone etiquette, good driving record.
                                                               Minimum 5 of these categories
                                                               Total: 80 hours

8)  Shop Etiquette: Ability to work with others (i.e. co-workers, shop heads, designers, etc.), shop hygiene, punctuality, positive attitude, demonstrating initiative.  Category is mandatory.
                                                               Total: 20 hours


Submit your application documents here.