I.A.T.S.E. Local 828

Mailing address:

PO Box 80059
510 Concession St
Hamilton, ON
L9A 1C0

Phone: (416) 438-3388

Fax: (416) 438-3388

Email: Please feel free to use the “feedback” option on this web site, or see contacts below.


I.A.T.S.E Local 828 Officers

Emails provided have a space before and after @ to exclude spammers. Please ignore the spaces when contacting the below:

President Jane Hill
pres.iatse828 @
(416)438-3388 ext 4

Vice President Nina Hartt
vp.iatse828 @
(416)438-3388 ext 6

Business Agent Sondra Richter
ba.iatse828 @
(416)438-3388 ext 3

Correspondence Secretary Stephanie Milic
sec.iatse828 @
(416)438-3388 ext 5

Call Steward Paula Engstrom
callsteward.iatse828 @
(416)438-3388 ext 2

Recording Secretary Richard Mongiat
Please call 416-438-3388 and leave a message in the general mailbox.




For General Employment

Please contact: Paula Engstrom, Call Steward callsteward.iatse828 @ (416) 438-3388 Ext 2


(416) 438-3388 Ext 1 Please call in every two weeks. Calls may be made at anytime. This is an automated system. Your message will be recorded with the date and time of your call. Members will be called before Non-Members.


For Information about

Contracts, Constitution and By-Laws, Application Procedures, Health and Safety Issues, General Inquirie,s Web site issues and suggestions – Please use Feedback tab on left of page or:

Please contact: Sondra Richter, Business Agent
ba.iatse828 @ (416) 438-3388 Ext 3


For Information about

Dues, Membership Status, Address and phone changes, RRSP Plan, Maternity/Paternity Leave, Letters of Good Standing, Membership Applications,

Please contact: Stephanie Milic, Correspondence Secretary
sec.iatse828 @ (416) 438-3388 Ext 5


For Information about

Health Benefits, Life Insurance, Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, Extended Health Benefits (including Dental),

Please contact: Nina Hartt, Vice President
vp.iatse828 @

For Information about

Membership Committee, Membership Application

Please contact: Denise Lisson Chair of the Membership Committee
dlisson @


Other Important Contact Information

Needing to read minutes from our last meeting?

Please contact: Richard Mongiat Recording Secretary Please eave a message in the general mailbox at 416-438-3388


Newsletter Submissions

Please use the Feedback tab to the left of this page.