Confirmation of Permit Status

Your  form has been successfully submitted.  You are now officially on the Permit List for the IATSE Local 828.

Please save the link to this page for future reference.

Here are some things you should know:

First of all, re-read the “Work with us as a non-member” page here:

In order to be active as a permit, you must submit your availability when you are actively seeking work.  Read about how Availability works and submit yours here:

When you accept a placement in one of our shops, it is with the understanding that:

  • you will be expected to perform at the level you indicated on your self-assessment form;
  • CSA approved (green triangle) safety shoes are required for all work calls;
  • you have completed all the mandatory training.  Please see our Training page;
  • your employment is daily, and you may be told at the end of the day that you are not needed again;
  • you will log your hours in various categories as explained under Basic Procedure here:
  • you may be replaced at any time by a member in good standing should one become available;
  • union dues will be deducted from your pay in the amount of 4% of your pay;

You may, at our discretion and if you are in a placement for an extended period, be offered membership into the local before you have completed all the requirements.  Please be aware, if you are offered membership and refuse, you will be removed from the Future Member list and will no longer be allowed to work for our local.

When you finish a placement, no matter how short, please inform the Call Steward via email at  In this email you should include your start and end date, the number of hours you accrued, and the name of your department head (or heads if you worked in multiple departments).  This is just for our records; you will not receive a reply to this email.

We appreciate any feedback you have.

Questions, observations, comments, will be best directed to the local through the use of the “Feedback” tab on the left side of this page, or any page on our web site.