COVID-19 Updates

On this page you will find regular updates, mostly in the form of current links, about the union’s response and our government’s response to the current public health crisis.

In addition to the links and info posted here, please know that you can always email your phone your executive members with questions or concerns.  We’ll do our best to address any issues you may have.

Rent and Mortgage payments:  A couple of helpful links if you’re worried about paying your rent or mortgage (on the mortgage link, scroll down about half way to where the heading says “mortgage deferrals”.

The IA Canadian Office has put together a website that compiles lots of useful information in one site.  I will not reproduce any of that content on this site.  Please visit:

The IATSE has also built a website to help members help each other.  Many members have expressed a wish to help their communities during this crisis.  It can be frustrating wanting to help or offer resources and not having an outlet for that.  Still many others are asking for help.  This site will connect people.  Volunteers are needed.  Please help if you can.

Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB):  Read all about it and apply here.    Please note, you must register for a CRA account here if you don’t already have one.

The Government of Canada is updating it’s site almost daily.  The IATSE Canada page above links to the Government of Canada site, but here it is again:    Please note that any benefits that are awarded, which are later found to have been awarded in error, will have to be repaid.  Interest will not be applied to the repayment.

The Province of Ontario site (also linked in the IA site) is a wealth of information about the status of the virus in Ontario:  and about what the province is doing to help people:

As ever, don’t forget about the Actors’ Fund of Canada.  Here to help:

The Local, for now, is asking that everyone pay their dues in full for 2020 by December 31st of this year.  No late fees will be applied to anyone this year.  Also, our Health & Welfare Trust is going to offer a Health Care Spending Account of $400 to every member who does not already have one.   This will be in addition to your regular health plan.  Lastly, remember to check the Health Plan page of this site for information on the Employee and Family Assistance Program, there to help you deal with all this extra stress.