Labour Studies Certicate Programme at McMaster University

Education Designed for Workers

The McMaster Labour Studies Certificate Program offers working people an opportunity to better understand and act upon the complex problems they face in their day to day lives. Courses examine the lives and experiences of working people, the changing nature of work, the impact of government policies, and the role of the labour movement in the social, economic and political development of modern society. Students are given an opportunity to examine, in a friendly environment, issues of concern to them as workers. Specialized courses in research skills, library resources and the internet provide students with the tools they need to make lifelong learning a reality.

Certificate classes are organized to reflect the basic principles of adult education. Classes are small and structured to build on the knowledge workers accumulate during their day to day struggles. Experienced instructors work closely with students to ensure a positive and comfortable learning environment. Course offerings are designed to make access easier for workers constrained by shift work, overtime and family obligations. Most courses are 12 hours in total and are offered either in the evening or on weekends.

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