The Official Bulletin: 2014 Q2 / No. 644

Here is a link to the IA’s Official Bulletin for the current quarter.  The memorial for Paul Schaefer is on page 55.  Excerpt below.  Thank you to brother Mazza for writing copy.


May 1, 1969 – November 10, 2013
Locals 129 and 828 lost a true friend too soon with the passing of Paul Schaefer this last year. In his career Paul worked in a number of shops and the-atres across Ontario and around the world. An extremely skilled carpenter and welder, Paul was respected by those he worked with for his expertise, dedication, and his willingness to share his knowledge. But it was his easy laugh and kind nature that earned him the friendship and love of those that knew him. Paul wasn’t  just easy to work with, he made work easy. Schaefer was passionate about his career, but he was perhaps more passionate about his love of the outdoors. An avid hunter and fisherman, Paul would take long hunting and trips in the Northern On-tario wilderness, hours from civilization. His easy smile was at its widest in the pictures of him holding up his catch of the day.Paul passed away peacefully at home, after a courageous battle with cancer, surrounded by family and loved ones. He will be greatly missed by his wife Lee-Ann, his family and friends, and his brothers and sisters in IATSE.